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Clean energy microgrid for agriculture farms

George Huang

19 Dec 2022

Allgreen Energy is excited to be part of an innovative consortium led by the University of Huddersfield, aiming to deliver an affordable, reliable, and clean energy microgrid for Vietnamese agriculture farms. This groundbreaking project addresses the challenges of high costs and low efficiency in existing solar photovoltaic and battery storage systems, as well as expensive biogas treatment in Vietnam.

Funded by Innovate UK, the project is expected to increase power efficiency by up to 5% and reduce the development costs for local communities by 30%. Allgreen Energy, with its expertise in project management and building business models in the renewable energy sector, is playing a pivotal role in this endeavor.

George Huang from Allgreen Energy emphasizes the importance of building quality power converters and inverters for a clean microgrid, marking a significant milestone towards achieving environmentally friendly power generation. This project is not just about producing low-carbon energy; it also involves utilizing pollutants from other industries and focusing on sustainable practices.

Moreover, the consortium, which includes Bear Instruments and Hochiminh City University, is working on optimizing microgrid control and developing a cost-effective treatment process for raw biogas. This approach is expected to reduce costs by 20% and has potential for application in other developing countries.

The project is sustainable in multiple ways – from generating low-carbon energy to using waste materials like bentonite for biogas treatment. Methane from farming, a more reliable energy source, is also being explored for its potential in broader applications.

Allgreen Energy is proud to be part of this consortium, contributing to a project that holds immense global potential. This initiative is a step towards ensuring that current and future generations have equal access to renewable energy, fostering a thriving and sustainable planet.

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