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MCS certified

1. Multifunctional heat pump

The perfect performance of the R290 full DC inverter heat pump can meet the user's needs of house heating, cooling, and domestic hot water throughout the year ( by a 3-way valve):

• Heating Only

• Cooling Only

• Domestic Hot Water Only

• Heating+ DHW (Priority)

• Cooling+ DHW (Priority)

2. Reliable operation in extreme temperatures of -25°C.

3. Powerful heating can output 75°C hot water.

4. The noise is lower than 43 dB.

5. COP can be as high as 4.86.

6. Full inverter technology.


The fully installed price of the heat pump is £8000, including a hybrid cylinder and accessories; radiators are not included (it may not necessary to change). You can get a £7500 grant after the installation. The final total cost for the house is only £500.

High temp 11kW Airsource Heat pump only

Excluding VAT
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