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It's an idea product for home energy management and demand response. 

It can control the devices:

- Electric radiator

- Electric boiler

- EV charger

- Heatpump

- Wash machine

- Dryer

- and more

Warranty: 1 years


Technical parameter
Rated operating voltage: AC230V
Rated current adjustable: 1A-63A

Life Span: Electrical Life, on and off 20,000 times.
Power consumption of this product:<3W
Operating voltage range:AC120V-280V
Maximum rated output current: 63A
Wiring: Using clamp wiring terminal,

The cross-sectional area of the connecting cable is up to 16mm2 5.8 Installation: installed on 35*7.5 mm standard din rail

RS485 Communication Baud Rate: 9600; address range: 1-247.

Smart MCB, RS485, Energy meter

Excluding VAT
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